Early on in this blog, I wrote a Lenten series about the nature of God. It’s not theology, just me thinking out loud.

So you know what you’re getting into here, I’m a somewhat traditionalist Catholic. It means while I go to so-called “novus ordo” Mass on Sunday and consider myself in union with the Holy See, my sympathies are decidedly conservative. The more I learn about the structure and content of the Mass prior to 1969, the more I wonder why it was changed at all. If my local parish had the option of a Tridentine Mass, I would go to it. I also appreciate priests who aren’t afraid to speak of both Heaven and Hell from the pulpit. While I greatly respect the current Pope for his willingness to walk the walk with the Gospel, I worry that some of his teachings seem to deviate from sound doctrine. I wish he would answer the dubia submitted to him concerning Amoris Laetitia. And so forth.

If your response to all of that is “WTF is he talking about?” it’s probably safe to assume you’re Protestant. 🙂  Relax, this is for you too.  Same if you happen to be Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist or whatever. We all have free will. 

Each of the below is a link:

More detail why I wrote these.

A test. 

The “radical” act of God loving us.

That judgment thing and how to deal with it.

If Calvin were God (no, not John Calvin).

Free will or free won’t?

How does reason and logic apply here?

How’d I do, folks?