Yep, you guessed it–this page is where I try to sell you something. In this case, a self-published novel I stuck on Amazon in 2012… 

Available in print AND on Kindle.

And, right now, that’s it.

In which you will meet Hal “Mac” MacCracken, short, fat, balding radio talk show host who learns from his sexy program director he has an unusual and desirable skill. Unfortunately, it’s in radio. Fortunately, it may save his soul–if his most dedicated and despicable listener doesn’t first make him dig his own grave.

Good Lord, how can you resist? Click here and buy it now.   



You can get a sneak preview of the book’s content at Amazon. Be advised it gets a little raunchy in spots. Hard to write about radio and not do that, sorry. 

Also available directly from createspace.com by clicking here.


No longer available, but be patient…

The a tale of a man who, as his life crumbles around him, clings to the most hopeful delusion he has:  the love of a woman he can never have.  Originally self-published as The Rain Song or Burke’s Siren, this tale–completely reworked to resemble, heaven help us, an actual book; with a plot, conflict, real drama and everything–will be available… when I’m finished reworking it.  Whenever that is. It will have a different title, as ultimately it is a different work.

The Rain Song  was my first self-published work, one I wrote on a kind of “what-if” whim based on a comment my wife made when I got to talking too much about a woman I work with.  She called it “writing for therapy.”  I don’t see the book as “therapy” so much as a  reminder that emotional affairs are quite real.  The ease with which we can hurt each other today is a sad and dangerous thing. That observation applies even though both the original and the rewrite make no mention of social media. It’s a tool that aids the cause, but it’s not the cause itself.

While the original is out of print, it still shows up on Amazon as an expensive “used” book, and I’ve found a couple of European websites that will let you download a PDF copy for free. I have no problem with you checking it out through these sources, but be advised I don’t make a dime from either one. Also be advised that “out of print” does not mean “no longer copyrighted.”    


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