J.P. Butterfield welcomes your seldom-asked questions.  Please leave yours in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

What’s this pretentious “J.P.” crap?  Your name’s “Jeff,” why don’t you just call yourself “Jeff?”

Much as I’d like to, a journalism professor in Kentucky already is published as both “Jeff Butterfield” and “Jeffrey Butterfield.”  So to prevent any possibility of confusion, I publish my stuff as “J.P.”  I really don’t care what you call me as long as it’s not related to an orifice, canine female or anatomical impossibility.

Who’s the hawt chick in the picture?

That would be my wife, Karen.

What can you tell me about her?

We’ve been married since 1998, we both work for the same company where we met, we–

Dude… I said… what can you tell me about her?

Uh, like I said, she’s my WIFE… back off…

Your front page blurb says you worked in radio.  Where and when?

101.1 the Fox in Kansas City as a weekend wonder from 1992-1995,  106.5 in KC when it was a smooth jazz station  from 1995-early 1998, and a bunch of small town stations in Indiana, Virginia and Kansas from 1985 through early 1992.   The one decade of my life I wish I could do over is 1985 through 1995.  Youth, shot completely to hell.

Who’s the “maker of satellite navigation products” you work for now?

I can’t say because their employee policy forbids blogging about them unless it’s in your job description–and  it’s not in my job description.  I will say you’ve heard of the company and it’s a very nice place to work.

When are you going to get off your big fat [insert favorite anatomical slang term here] and get your next book published?

Pretty darn soon.  As of this SAQ page update, all I’ve got to do is run a spellcheck, come up with a cover, make a few tweaks in the ending and figure out if I want to self-publish it or see if if an actual paying publisher will bite.   I can say in all honesty as a story and as writing it is much better than the book I self-published in 2009.  But then, if I’d put two years into the book I self-published in 2009, it would be pretty darn good too.


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